“CONSCIOUS GRAFIX has meant an excellent and productive commercial ally, they are always willing to contribute to the imaging objectives with innovative ideas and proposals aimed at our target audience. Since the beginning of our employment relationship in 2010 we have counted on them for everything, advertising, web... 100% Recommended. Thanks guys"


“The excellent CONSCIOUS GRAFIX team knew how to perfectly capture our idea. We were among the first to trust them and we are glad to see that their professionalism and good work continue to give satisfaction and truly creative and innovative work. CONSCIOUS GRAFIX is a professional and cordial team, thank you very much.”



Select your package according to your needs


# 1

-Design of
  • Design of professional, accurate and memorable logos that impress your Clients and with the personalized attention that is required.


# 2

-Image design

  • We offer you the design of a fresh corporate image. modern and forceful, that contains the essence of your Company.


# 3

-Enterprise image desing
-Web Page Design

  • We design and layout your Web Page, the instrument that will allow you to advertise in the most economical way, showing your products or services.

– geometry and art, creativity, strategy and technology -

CONSCIOUS GRAFIX is a comprehensive solutions firm for brands and products, bringing together four clear areas of expertise. If you need an original, well-done, clear and elegant catalogue; if you want to modernize a logo or need to develop the image of your company in a professional way. If you will participate in an exhibition and you will deliver brochures or other material. If your product needs a new, modern packaging that does not go unnoticed; you have our support.

Subsidiary Companies

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